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Flyout Marquee on Home Page

Category: Standard Media

The expanding or “flyout” marquee briefly placed the advertiser’s message floating over the home page, then collapsing into the large half-page marquee unit. This campaign also included a full-page takeover further into the site.

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Insider News

September 27 2011

Marketer & Agency Client Satisfaction

The latest Jack Myers survey of marketers/advertisers is about to be released, and once again Washington Post Digital appears at the head of the pack when it comes to customer satisfaction. This article from PaidContent gives the teaser.

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April 26 2010

Want Your Online Ad to Perform? Try Buying Some Good Content

How important is the environment for ad performance?

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November 02 2009

Branding Matters: Where Retailers Get Their Traffic

Paid search has become an automatic buy, and certainly is a necessary part of the marketing mix—but should you put all your eggs in the search basket?

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