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Launch Sponsorship and Home Page Skin

The launch of PostPolitics.com was sponsored by the Clean Coal Coalition. The sponsorship involved a roadblock of the re-designed section, including the leaderboard and half-page ad units, as well as a home page skin on the day of launch.

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Core Sponsorship, On Leadership: Lexus

On Leadership addresses our core content expertise and our core audience needs. On Leadership combines a panel blog with video, guest articles, discussion forums and lots of user engagement.

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Innovation Sponsorship, Innovations in News: Toyota

A "big idea" that aligned Toyota Prius innovation with the innovative ways Washington Post Digital and The Slate Group deliver news and information.

  • The home page marquee large-format ad unit.
  • The tiffany tile highly-visible in the masthead.
  • Sponsorship of a special section aggregating examples of editorial innovation from Washington Post Digital and The Slate Group.

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Viewpoint Sponsored Discussion: Shell, Adobe

Washington Post Digital hosts approximately 50 hours of live discussion each week. Sponsors can “own the auditorium” with our Viewpoint sponsored discussions.

  • Shell sponsored discussion on climate change.
  • Adobe sponsored discussion on Web security and conferencing.

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Innovation Sponsorship, TimeSpace: Sprint

We flex our digital media muscle in finding new ways to communicate and to present news and information. Seeking to align with innovation, Sprint sponsors our TimeSpace mash-up of maps, timelines, photos and articles from multiple sources. Throughout the TimeSpace experience, the reader sees “powered by Sprint” messages.

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