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A showcase of digital ad solutions for Washington Post Digital advertisers.
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Home Page Skin

Home page skin with other units dominating the page.

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Flyout Marquee on Home Page

The expanding or “flyout” marquee briefly placed the advertiser’s message floating over the home page, then collapsing into the large half-page marquee unit. This campaign also included a full-page takeover further into the site.

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Custom Home Pages: Liberty Mutual

High-impact (almost literally) experiences can be created on the home page.

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Custom Home Page Animations: FedEx

Unique full-page animation, resolving into the big box ad unit, delivering FedEx's message.

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Custom Home Page Experience: Apple

A unique experience:

  • Custom unit sizes
  • Interaction between units
  • In-unit video

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Custom Solution: Lincoln

An interactive experience within the home-page marquee featuring in-unit video and photo galleries, the Lincoln campaign capitalized on one of the highest home page traffic days of the year—the day after the 2008 presidential election. (Ad designed and produced by Wunderman and executed by PointRoll.)

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Custom Solution: Adobe

In a recent campaign to launch Adobe Acrobat 9, home page leaderboards and big boxes link to Adobe Acrobat 9 rich media “portfolios” of Post coverage of the presidential candidate campaigns.

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Custom Solution, Home Page "Blackout": Air Force

One of the most dramatic home page experiences, the Air Force sponsorship started with a custom home page takeover that blacked out the entire page and resolved to the Air Force message. This campaign ran on The Washington Post’s Web site, Newsweek.com and Slate.

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