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Decisions matter: Business decisions, political decisions, major life decisions. Choices matter: Product choices, brand choices. Brands matter: Trusted brands, proven brands. As a marketer, you want to plug into the decisions and choices that businesses and consumers make every day. Washington Post Digital provides the right environment for you to connect to the right audience, with proven solutions.

Political & Advocacy Advertising

Decisions matter. Decisions on issues, candidates and policies impact our lives and businesses and reverberate around the world. You need citizens and elected officials alike to understand and support your cause and position. You want them to know and trust that you represent the best decision to make. Shouldn’t you make the best decision in communicating your message to them? Washington Post Digital reaches those who make and influence policy and those who act on issues. They trust and depend on us for critical insight into the issues. Advertisers trust us to provide smart, flexible and customizable ad solutions. Washington Post Digital is the right decision for your digital advertising.


  • Politically active citizens nationwide: Half of our readers have donated to a political party. Two-thirds have signed a petition.
  • Politically influential: More than twice as likely as the average online adult to provide frequent advice on politics and current events.
  • Political leaders: Reaching 70% of legislative and executive branch leaders, more than any other media brand.

More info on political influentials.


  • Award-winning journalism presented in unique digital formats.
  • Explaining Washington and analyzing policy for a nationwide and worldwide audience.
  • PostPolitics section.
  • The Political Browser [link] curating the Web’s top political stories.
  • Politics blogs such as The Fix and 44.
  • Renowned Post columnists.


  • The most trusted environment for advertising among online media brands.
  • Effective solutions for:
    • American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
    • Alliance for Climate Protection
    • American Petroleum Institute
    • America’s Natural Gas Alliance
    • CTIA
    • American Cancer Society
    • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    • Natural Resources Defense Council
    • Open Internet Coalition
    • American Rights At Work
    • Association of American Medical Colleges
    • Environmental Defense Fund