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Decisions matter: Business decisions, political decisions, major life decisions. Choices matter: Product choices, brand choices. Brands matter: Trusted brands, proven brands. As a marketer, you want to plug into the decisions and choices that businesses and consumers make every day. Washington Post Digital provides the right environment for you to connect to the right audience, with proven solutions.


Decisions matter. Every day, consumers make important life decisions for their family’s future well-being. You need to be part of their decision-making. You want them to know and trust your education services, to believe they’ve made the best decision for the future. Shouldn’t you make the best decision for your digital advertising? Washington Post Digital reaches affluent and engaged consumers nationwide. They trust us as part of their regular media habits, for information they can’t find elsewhere. Advertisers trust us to provide smart, flexible and customizable ad solutions. Washington Post Digital is the right decision for your digital advertising.


  • Affluent: 54% with household income greater than $ 75,000.
  • 2.6 million career-changers.
  • 500,000 who have made an online student loan transaction in the past six months.
  • One million who are sending children to college.


  • Award-winning journalism presented in unique digital formats.
  • Part of their regular media habits. Their trusted source for essential news and information on business, policy and life.


  • The most trusted environment for advertising among online media brands.
  • Greater impact on brand metrics and purchase intent than ad networks.
  • Effective ad solutions for:
    • University of Maryland
    • Kaplan University
    • George Washington University
    • University of Phoenix
    • Harvard University (Business School, Extension, Continuing Ed., JFK School of Government)
    • Johns Hopkins
    • Devry Keller Graduate School
    • Strayer University