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September 27 2011

Marketer & Agency Client Satisfaction

The latest Jack Myers survey of marketers/advertisers is about to be released, and once again Washington Post Digital appears at the head of the pack when it comes to customer satisfaction. This article from PaidContent gives the teaser.

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July 14 2010

Introducing PostBusiness in Partnership with Bloomberg

The Washington Post today introduced a new co-branded and redesigned online business section (www.washingtonpost.com/business) in a partnership with Bloomberg L.P. The next phase of this unique collaboration combines The Post’s expertise in national politics and policy with Bloomberg’s business news, data and information from around the globe.

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April 28 2010

PostPolitics.com Launches

Announcing PostPolitics.com, our re-branded destination for critical analysis and news of the world of policy and politics. PostPolitics.com is both a section within the Post Web site, and a standalone destination for those influential leaders with a laser-targeted attention on nationwide and worldwide political issues.

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April 26 2010

Want Your Online Ad to Perform? Try Buying Some Good Content

How important is the environment for ad performance?

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January 25 2010

Mobile on the Rise

You can’t swing a virtual cat in the Internet without hitting an article about how 2010 will be the year of mobile. Of course, we’ve heard that story before. But a few recent stories show real evidence that mobile is big now.

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November 02 2009

Branding Matters: Where Retailers Get Their Traffic

Paid search has become an automatic buy, and certainly is a necessary part of the marketing mix—but should you put all your eggs in the search basket?

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October 08 2009

Through with the Click Through?

Picking up where we left off with ComScore’s research on Natural Born Clickers, more research and discussion on the irrelevance of the click…

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September 30 2009

Why Measure Clicks If Nobody Is Clicking?

Fewer online users are clicking on ads than ever before. So why is the click the center of the online advertising world?

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September 17 2009

Content Is King—for Readers and Advertisers

Where do online users spend the bulk of their time? Even with the significant growth in social media and other community destinations…

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September 13 2009

Power Shift: Wall Street to Washington

Now more than ever, business leaders are turning to Washington for critical decision-making. The smartest business leaders have always tuned in to what’s going on in Washington…

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June 05 2009

The #1 Online Media Brand According to Ad Executives Nationwide

The Jack Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on Online Sales Organizations ranks us as #1 among 52 top online media brands…

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