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September 13 2009

Power Shift: Wall Street to Washington

Now more than ever, business leaders are turning to Washington for critical decision-making. The smartest business leaders have always tuned in to what’s going on in Washington, but a fundamental shift has occurred, and it affects business nationwide and worldwide.

This Washington Post article explains in detail this new power shift, and how the relationship between Wall Street and Washington has changed forever. Even in a full recovery, the successful financial firms owe their existence to government intervention under both Bush and Obama.

What does this mean for advertisers? It means for one that you also have to keep tuned in, so keep reading The Washington Post. What’s more, it means the business decision makers and other leaders will have changed their media habits. Content that explains policy and Washington to a nationwide and worldwide audience will be more valuable to business leaders on the way up.

It also means that tomorrow’s senior executives may be today’s government workers, or vice versa, as the revolving door blurs the line between business and government. Advertisers seeking to influence business decisions, influence policy, or just reach affluent and educated consumers will need a brand presence in the new media selections of these audiences.

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