Washing Post Digital Ad Center

June 05 2009

The #1 Online Media Brand According to Ad Executives Nationwide

It’s nice to be recognized. Time and again, Washington Post Digital is recognized by the industry for delivering effective, smart solutions to advertisers. Earlier this year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) honored us with a Sales Excellence Award in the Long Term Achievement category. The IAB recognized our continuing efforts to bring the best customer service and responsiveness to advertisers across the nation.

And now, the latest Jack Myers Survey of Advertising Executives places us at the top among 52 peer global media brands. Every year, the Myers survey of advertising executives evaluates ad sales organizations for online media brands and rates them in categories such as Overall Value and Performance Rating (Power Score), Organization Delivers on Promises and Delivers More Targeted and Engaged Audiences. In the latest survey and report, the Washington Post Digital Sales organizations ranked #1 overall and in several categories.

It’s a point of pride and a necessary benchmark for us to rank #1. We put a lot of effort into smart solutions customized to clients’ specific needs and high-quality customer service in general. It’s good to know that the advertising community recognizes our efforts. Thanks.