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July 14 2010

Introducing PostBusiness in Partnership with Bloomberg

The Washington Post today introduced a new co-branded and redesigned online business section (www.washingtonpost.com/business) in a partnership with Bloomberg L.P. The next phase of this unique collaboration combines The Post’s expertise in national politics and policy with Bloomberg’s business news, data and information from around the globe.

“As Washington’s leading news organization, The Post has long produced definitive, original reporting on the crucial economic-policy and regulatory issues that affect the U.S. and world markets,” said Marcus Brauchli, Washington Post Executive Editor. “Partnering with Bloomberg brings together our strength in those areas with the enormous expertise of Bloomberg in market and policy news in one comprehensive online offering. This arrangement will allow The Post to focus on our strategy of being the indispensible source of news and information for and about Washington.”

``As Bloomberg has become the first, fastest and most factual provider of the story of money in all its forms, readers of the redesigned online business section conceived with the Washington Post can look forward to a unique blend of actionable news,’’ said Matthew Winkler, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg News.“

Adding to The Post’s in-depth, dedicated coverage of the financial crisis, financial regulation and economic policy, Bloomberg provides daily business headlines, extensive market news and data. The redesigned section features policy analysis, breaking news, exclusive reports, a collection of award-winning Washington Post and Bloomberg News columnists and customizable tools to track market trends.

Bloomberg’s market modules allow users to find stock quotes, follow industry trends and soon reference a daily economic calendar of events. The Bloomberg Watchlist feature lets users customize and easily look up the latest company stock information directly from the business section homepage. The Most Popular module will highlight the day’s top Bloomberg News stories.

The Post’s award-winning financial columnists, including Steven Pearlstein, Ezra Klein and Michelle Singletary will be joined in this section by Bloomberg’s renowned and award-winning columnists including Albert Hunt, Michael Lewis, Jonathan Weil, Caroline Baum, Margaret Carlson, John Dorfman and Tom Keene.

The section will also feature two new blogs. “Political Economy,” will be the source for breaking news on economic policy decisions and analysis of how Wall Street and the broader economy will be affected.

“The Company Beat,” a blog by Jia Lynn Yang, who recently joined The Post from Fortune magazine, will cover policy issues that impact corporate America. Yang will give insights into the ways that business interacts with and influences Washington as well as corporate fears regarding the impacts of regulatory reform. “Political Economy” and The Company Beat” join Ezra Klein’s blog on economic policy, special reports on the financial crisis among other features.

The Post’s partnership with Bloomberg for the business section comes after the January 2010 launch of a global news service, The Washington Post Service with Bloomberg News, which provides daily stories to newspapers, websites and other subscribers. Post content is also available on all Bloomberg terminals and Bloomberg provides Post’s print readers with markets data.

The launch of The Washington Post/Bloomberg Business page follows The Post’s rollout of PostPolitics.com and PostLocal.com, homepages dedicated specifically to the newspaper’s political and local audiences.