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September 17 2009

Content Is King—for Readers and Advertisers

Where do online users spend the bulk of their time? Even with the significant growth in social media and other community destinations, users spend more time engaged in original content sites than any other category. In addition, advertisements on content sites have more of an impact on ad effectiveness metrics than either portals or ad networks.

The Online Publishers Association has been analyzing time spent on six categories of sites (content, communications, commerce, community and search) since 2003. Online users now spend nearly seven hours engaged in content sites, accounting for 42% of time spent. And the proportion of time spent with content sites has increased. The latest Internet Activity Index (IAI) data is summarized at http://www.online-publishers.org/newsletter.php?newsId=556&newsType=pr.

OPA also published a report in August comparing brand metrics and purchase intent of original content sites, ad networks and portals. Compared to ad networks and portals, content sites provide a greater impact on brand metrics and purchase intent than either portals or ad networks. For more on this research, read the press release here or download the report.