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Innovative Delivery & Multiple Platforms

Digital media means immediate and everywhere. Readers need our content at the time and place of their choosing, where it can make the most impact on their decisions and choices. For many, that means something more than just plain text in a browser window on a PC.

Innovative Delivery and Interaction. Digital media frees our talent to use multiple tools and technologies to tell the stories they want to tell. These new tools mean new levels of reader engagement within the Washington Post Digital environment.

  • Washington Post Digital is an award-winning pioneer in the use of video and multimedia for online journalism. From documentary video and interactive graphics to video interviews and short-form video blog posting, our talent embraces the visual freedom of digital.
  • Few other major media brands provide as much user interaction as Washington Post Digital: We were one of the first to open up user comments across our blogs and many other areas. Live discussions—including Viewpoint sponsored discussions—connect readers to writers and leaders in real-time. Discussion groups provide a more traditional forum-like interaction, hosted by our personalities.
  • The open nature of digital media helps us include combinations of media and technology types to tell a story. Our TimeSpace projects combine Google Maps and a sliding timeline with photos, video, articles and blogs to tell stories in multiple dimensions.
  • Post Alert is a new site-wide notification tool in to point readers to breaking news and special projects.

For other ways Washington Post Digital is innovating the delivery of content in the digital sphere, check out the Innovations in News blog.

Digital media includes formats and devices beyond the Washington Post Digital environment, beyond merely our Web site, but wherever readers can find Post content:

We amplify our brand wherever digital content can go, bringing back to us and to our advertisers a loyal, engaged audience.

Mobile devices extend how, when and where we connect. They are more than just phones in our pockets, offering multiple ways to connect to one another, to news and information, and to the world.

Smart, tech-savvy business leaders depend on their mobile devices for vital business information to make immediate business decisions. Smart business leaders point their mobile devices to Washington Post Digital for insight into on how policy impacts business and business shapes policy.

  • Newly-redesigned and re-launched in July 2009, our mobile Web site is published entirely in-house.
  • Photo galleries and multimedia make a more personal and inviting experience and take advantage of the latest and greatest mobile device capabilities.
  • Tools like the breaking news ticker help readers get to what they need as quickly as possible.
  • Beyond the browser, Washington Post Digital publishes mobile applications that concentrate on specific niches of audience and content.
  • The Post was one of the first major media brands to offer text alerts to readers as well as advertising in text alerts.
  • Washington Post Digital leverages the latest mobile advertising technologies to help our advertising partners benefit from this highly-engaged medium.

Readers can access our mobile Web site by entering washingtonpost.com into their mobile browser, or by texting WPOST to 98999.

For a profile of our mobile on-the-go audience, click here.

For more information on mobile advertising and Washington Post Digital’s mobile offerings, download Connected: Wherever. Whenever.