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Reach & Distribution

Washington Post Digital reaches a nationwide and worldwide audience. We are their authority on Washington. For those in Washington, from political leaders to Washingtonians of all stripes, we are the go-to digital source for living and working in Washington.

Nearly 17 million readers across the U.S.

More than 90% outside of the Washington DMA.

More readers in the the Mid-Atlantic than WSJ.com.

More financial services decision makers in the New York DMA than Bloomberg.com.

More BDMs than the WSJ.com, LATimes.com and USAToday.com.

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Sources:Sources: comScore Media Metrix, Oct-Dec 2013, 3-month avg; Nielsen @Plan Q3 2013.

7 million beyond the U.S.


  • 2.9 million readers in Europe, 40% of our international audience.
  • 877,000 readers in UK, 35% of our European audience.
  • 31% are in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain, and Italy.


  • 2.2 million readers in Asia-Pacific, 26% of our international audience.
  • More than 800,000 or 32% of Asia-Pacific readers live in India, Japan and China.
  • 22% of Asia/Pacific readers are in Australia.

Africa/Middle East

  • 588,000 readers in Africa/Middle East, 8% of our international audience.
  • 56% are in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.
  • 68% are in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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Sources: Source: Omniture, Oct-Dec 2013, 3-month avg.

1.4 million readers in the Washington, D.C. DMA.

Reaching 29% of all adults in the DMA and 34% of those who have accessed the Internet in the past 30 days.

More About our Reach in the Mid-Atlantic:

  • In the the Metro Market counties of the Washington DMA, we reach more than 39% of online adults.
  • More readers than every print newspaper in Washington excluding The Washington Post newspaper.
  • More affluent* consumers than any radio station other than WTOP FM.
  • More readers in the Baltimore DMA than four of the six TV affiliates' Web sites.
  • 20,000 more readers in Howard and Anne Arundel counties (Maryland) than baltimoresun.com.

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Sources: Scarborough Research, 2013 Release 1. * Affluent defined as living in $150,000+ income households.