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Key Target Audiences

Marketers and advertisers seek audiences that amplify brands and messages. Washington Post Digital reaches the most engaged, active, influential online readers and the most desirable targets for advertisers.

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Business leaders can be sliced up into different segments, such as technology decision makers or business travelers. Click over to Segments for more specifics.

Audience Segments

Business Leaders — Senior executives, business decision makers and other influentials in business across the country and around the globe depend on Washington Post Digital. Sound business decisions come from keen insight into how policy impacts business.

Other online media may provide the business headlines. Business portals may focus on personality and leadership style. We deliver more than just these business basics—we deliver insight and analysis of the most important issues shaping business decisions worldwide.

Issues at the Intersection of Business and Policy

  • Corporate governance
  • Fiscal policy and stimulus
  • Health care reform
  • Legal reform
  • Green incentives and exchanges
  • Banking and financial regulation
  • Markets, interest rates and the economic cycle
  • Systems security
  • Trade and globalization
  • Taxes, deficits and government spending
  • Intellectual property
  • Energy consumption and costs
  • Unemployment and labor issues
  • Net neutrality
  • Immigration policy
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Privacy and identity

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New policy, new business practices, new ideas—whenever change happens, an entire Circle of Influence is engaged. Only Washington Post Digital touches opinion leaders throughout that circle, from the influential citizen to the media personalities, from lobbyists to trade associations, from legislators to industry experts.

Opinion leaders from across the nation come to Washington Post Digital to join the debate. Others come to learn the issues and make decisions based on the debate. Opinion leaders shape business and industries, influence study and debate, spread ideas, expand the conversation and affect policy decisions.


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Dig deeper into the different slices of our affluent/influential consumer audience in the Segments tab.

Audience Segments

Washington Post Digital attracts smart and sophisticated readers, always looking for the latest trends and highest-quality tastes, as well as the best deals. They make and influence important lifestyle decisions, for themselves, their families and their social circles. Their decisions and influence range from health insurance to education, from retirement to travel, from car buying to household products, from where to eat to where to live.

Lifestyle Decisions

  • Major life decisions:
    • health care
    • education
    • job/career
    • retirement
  • Major purchases:
    • automotive
    • home and real estate
    • travel and vacation
  • Brand loyalty and everyday purchases:
    • household brands and products
    • clothing and accessories
    • food and beverage brands
    • gadgets and electronics
    • movies, TV, books and other entertainment
    • restaurants and places to go out

Key Stats

  • 4.9 million readers live in $100,000+ income households
  • Nearly 700,000 readers have a portfolio valued at $500,000+

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